I love you, coffee.

Karen and I love coffee. It’s always such a joyous moment when get coffee, so we decided to capture a little bit of that happiness on film. Yes, the emotions you will see in these pictures are real. We love coffee that much.

It all began the first time Karen and I hung out.  We got up at the early hour of 7am to travel to Coolangatta to watch the Quicksilver Surf Competition. After stumbling around half asleep, we made our way to the bus stop not knowing which bus to take and where Coolangatta was located. We asked the bus driver of the first bus we saw if we could get to the surf competition by taking that bus, and she informed us we could. We asked her what stop to get off at and she said “Twin Towns, right after New South Wales.” Not understanding her accent neither of knew she said “Twin Towns” but we did here the second part. Although this was when I first got to Australia and I didn’t know much about anything, I knew that New South Wales is a different state from Queensland.

Needless to say we were very confused and still didn’t know how we would know where to get off, and to make matters worse, I had to top up my Go Card and couldn’t find money. As I rummaged through my bag looking for cash, all of the contents of my purse crashed to the floor. My makeup compact smashed into pieces as the lady bus driver looked at us in disgust. Karen and I, still without coffee, looked at each other in slow motion and said a very unenthusiastic “oh.” After a solid four minutes from when we got on the bus we finally took our seats, leaving a trail of makeup behind us. An hour and a half later we passed a sign for New South Wales and went looking for the surf competition. We followed some guys with surf boards but were faced with a dilemma when they went in different directions. Eventually we managed to find the beach and followed a path. “So, those waves are tiny. Almost non-existent,” I said, “Maybe once we go around this corner they will be huge!” Karen replied. The waves did not get any bigger and we were informed that the competition was canceled. Everything was better as soon as we got our coffee.

Gloria Jeans, Coolangatta

This picture was taken at the Starbucks in Broadbeach. It was a beautiful day and we were about to go to Blues Fest. Combine coffee with sunshine, harmonicas, and good friends, and life does not get any better.

Starbucks, Broadbeach

This picture was taken right before we road tripped to Byron Bay. First Avenue is a cafe right in Surfers, and its coffee is really hit or miss. This wasn’t the best coffee we’ve ever had, but considering it was 9:00am, we were still thrilled just to have coffee.

First Avenue, Surfers Paradise Blvd

This coffee was from Max Brenner, which is essentially a chocolate heaven. Luba, Karen and I went out to Main Beach for a delicious steak meal which we followed up with dessert at Max Brenner. We had chocolate fondue, a huge waffle with ice cream, fruit, and chocolate drizzled all over, and a couple of decaf skinny lattes. Yes we are fully aware of the irony of drinking decaf skinny lattes after copious amounts of dessert.

Max Brenner, Main Beach

This picture was taken at Starbucks in downtown Brisbane. We had just finished a day of shopping and were ready to warm up and relax.

Starbucks, Brisbane

Yep, we love coffee that much.

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