Best Parks in Dublin

Green leaves, pink blossoms, and flowering vines dancing across stone hedges. It’s time to visit the best parks in Dublin.

It’s been a very long winter. I spent so much time feeling cold that my only wish was for summer to arrive so I could finally warm up. I forgot about spring, the season that spoils us with beautiful growth and teases us with anticipation for great things.

The city is lit up in colour with flowers blooming in gardens, pots and trees. I also love the rogue wild flowers scattered across the grass where they shouldn’t be. I need to give myself extra time to walk everywhere because I always get distracted and smell the flowers. My latest addition to the soundtrack of my life is “Flowers in your hair” by the Lumineers since I’m constantly sticking flowers into my curls while humming the tune.

One of my favourite pass times is hanging out in a park, drinking coffee while sitting on a bench or journaling with my back against a tree. Here’s an inside scoop on the parks I frequent in Dublin.

Stephens Green

Yes, given its location right next to Grafton street it’s almost always bustling, but it’s still a park worth visiting. There are ducks and swans swimming in the pond, plenty of flower beds, benches, and a beautiful small bridge. There are also a few trees that have a PERFECT cove for you to nestle into. I love to grab a hot chocolate from Butler’s on Grafton Street and then relax in the park for a few minutes.

Best Parks in Dublin
Stephens Green

St Kevins Park

There’s a beautiful park just off of Long Lane, hidden away from the chaotic bars on Camden Street. It’s much quieter and smaller than Stephen’s Green, which makes it a great place to read a book. At this time of year the pink blossom trees are in their full glory and there are tulips and other flowers for you to enjoy.  On the small side but I think it’s one of the best parks in Dublin.

Best Parks in Dublin

Palmerston Park

Yesterday I discovered my new favourite park while getting lost looking for a gym that I’m sure doesn’t exist. As soon as I walked in I fell in love with it. It made me want a picnic immediately. It’s quiet, has great trees, and is full of tranquility. It is the perfect place to have a peaceful picnic while the day drifts away.

Best Parks in Dublin


Iveagh Gardens

A stones throw from Stephens Green, this big city centre park is much less touristy. A great spot to have a picnic or just chill while you’re on your break from work, this park is a locals delight. It’s also the location of many city festivals such as Taste of Dublin and summer concerts. Easily one of the best parks in Dublin.

Best Parks in Dublin

Spring puts joy in my heart, a lightness in my step, and flowers in my hair. It’s a good season.

Best Parks in Dublin
Even the vines climbing sidewalk hedges deserve some attention.

Best Parks in Dublin

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