Five foot two, eyes of blue

Hi, I’m Grace. I’m a twenty-something Canadian girl with a degree in Media Studies and I’m constantly surprised that I’m only five-foot-two and a half.
Oh, and I’m moving to Ireland.

Here you’ll find not only tales of my adventures, but also the perspective of a twenty-something girl on culture, people, food, and travel.

Some things you should know… I lived in Australia for a year and tried desperately to return until one day my visa fell through. That night I served a couple from Dublin who offered me a job in their restaurant and I said “Why not?” I love to travel. I’ve never been to Europe. I’ve always said if I were to write a book I could see myself piecing it together in Ireland. So, why not?

I am addicted to reading and quality coffee. I’ve got a love affair with the 20s. I have seven beautiful siblings and two amazing parents. I have the BEST friends. I really, truly, deeply love music.

Most importantly, I’m pretty much always laughing.

The most recent stage of my life has been one for reading. This season will be one for writing.

Stay tuned.

3 thoughts on “Five foot two, eyes of blue”

  1. so happy i found your blog!! 🙂 I am going to move to ireland this summer and i am looking for someone to inspire and help me, so i guess your blog is perfect! 😀 i only just started reading a few bits and i saw that your Posts are from 2014. are you still there? 🙂

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