Before 30

1. Write and publish at least one book.

2. Live in Australia

3. Travel New Zealand (and run through the mountains while blasting the LOTR soundtrack)

4. Be published in a magazine

5. Go to Vegas with my Cancun girls

6. Volunteer to work with kids or youth (through Big Brothers Big Sisters or such)

7. Learn a brand new sport

8. Travel Canada by train

9. Go to NYC and LA

10. See Sleeping At Last live

11. See Fleet Foxes live

12. Go to a multi-day music festival

13. Go on vacation with my family

16. Organize/attend a reunion with university friends

17. Travel Europe

18. Learn to surf

19. Attend an orchestra performance

20. Donate blood

21. Sing “The Hills are Alive” while running and spinning through Austrian hills

22. Have Christmas with my entire family

23. Run through the power sprinkles of a golf course

24. Clear my debt

25. Learn a partners dance

26. Go to Ireland

27. Complete my Masters degree

28. Earn a Doctorate

29. Kiss under the mistletoe

30. Read the Bible in one year

31. Run and dance like crazy in a downpour

32. Road trip across the USA

33. Make a movie

34. Read 40 books for pleasure in a year

35. Spend my birthday on a beach

36. Make a perfect latte

37. Drink a bottle of real champagne in France

38. Hair whip in a reggaeton club in Spain

39. Cruise the Greek Isles

40. Eat in Italy

41. Fall in love in London

42. Work in a real Irish pub

43. Spend a night in Byron Bay

44. Eat chocolate in Belgium

45. Go on a gondola ride

46. Ski the Swiss Alps

47. Get a university degree

48. Go to an NFL game

49. Canoe on Lake Louise

50. Go to a film premier

51. View a breathtaking sunrise

52. Tour the Neuschwanstein Castle

53. Have high tea

54. Delve into history in England

55. Help someone learn English

56. Stay in a B&B in Tuscany

57. Go to Burgundy Street in Madrid in autumn

58. Go to Vietnam

59. Attend a Viennese Ball in a knock out gown

60. Wine taste in 5 different countries

61. Drink wine under the Eiffel Tower

62. Subscribe to Chatelaine

63. Eat at one of the World’s Best Restaurants

64. Move somewhere all by myself

65. Attend the Olympic Games

66. Drive the Great Ocean Road

67. Take a philosophy class

68. Visit Redwood National Park

69. Road trip with friends in a VW

70. Spend a weekend in seclusion

71. Make a recipe book

72. Be a movie extra

73. Drink great coffee in Seattle

74. Re-learn to knit

75. Go whale watching

76. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin, Ireland

77. Visit Stockholm

78. Hang with some kangaroos

79. Participate in a protest

80. Fly first class

81. Buy an around the World ticket

82. Go to the airport and take the next random flight

83. Help change someones life

84. Swim under a waterfall

85. Pay for a strangers coffee

86. Go on a yoga retreat

87. Reconnect with an old friend in another country

88. Fill a bookshelf

89. Travel with my parents

90. Learn to make healthy baked goods with alternative ingredients

91. Learn to drive a manual car

92. Watch the sunset and sunrise back to back

93. Learn French

94. Learn to play cricket

95. Drink coffee in the “real” Paddington


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