Sparks, tears, and Miley Cyrus.

So I just spent about a week in Ottawa, weekend in Toronto and now I’m heading back to London to finish up exams. The time was spent getting over an annoying cold, relaxing, laughing, spending time with family and friends, reminiscing, and a major lack of studying. Overall, a lovely break.

One night in Ottawa my friend Isabel and I decided to go see “The Last Song” — a movie rendition of Nicholas Sparks’ book. The preview makes it look mediocre at best — girl unwillingly spends summer with Dad, girl meets smokin hot boy with mad abs, hot boy chases after social reject girl, and voila! Summer romance is complete with a cheesy moment as the boy writes “forever” on the girls Converse sneakers. It’s kind of a tradition for Isabel and I to see cheesy chick flicks together, so this seemed perfect.

However, the movie is quite different from the preview. Miley Cyrus (oh Miley) try’s to rid herself of her real-life goofy teen reputation as she becomes a hurt character with an angry exterior, who in the end is sweet at heart. Family issues end up explaining the bitterness. The movie is filled with transformation, melting hearts, and a great father-figure.

I never read the book, but I have read other Nicholas Sparks books and am fully aware of his uncanny power to make me cry like none other.
*Side note: one time I was reading one of his books at work (I worked at a snack shack in the center of a golf course. It was a rainy day, and being the nerd that I am, I killed time reading). I didn’t really think it through though, and of course Sparks, being the dude that he is, has to throw in some incredibly heart-rendering, devastating twist that causes tears to start streaming down my face. An older gentleman may or may not have walked up and ordered a Keiths while my eyes were still incredibly blood shot. Totally not awkward for both parties involved.

Anyhow, so again, just as you’re really starting to like the characters, there’s a twist in the plot and I suddenly find myself drowning in a puddle of my tears. There were about six people in the theatre at best, so sniffles weren’t exactly muffled by any white noise. Isabel and I are sitting there sniffing away, and it got so bad at one point I turned to Iz and handed her a wad of tissue. She took them and wiped her eyes then proceeded to loudly blow her nose. At this point the site was so ridiculous that I couldn’t help laughing, but I was still crying so it was this really strange combination of “laugh sniff choke, laugh sniff choke.” ANYWAYS, by the time the movie was over we both had headaches from trying to hold back our tears. Once the lights came on I turned to Iz and noticed her eyes are totally puffed out, meaning mine must’ve been as well (and they were. Also insanely blood shot).

It could’ve been an embarrassing experience because public displays of emotion aren’t always well received. However, even if Iz and I were the only two people getting a nice salt-water face cleanse in the movie theatre, I think it’s something positive. Family is extraordinarily important to me, and when I see family relationships struggling or going through difficult times, I get emotional because I imagine myself in that position and how painful it would be.

I left the movie reminded of how blessed I am to have such a wonderful family, and how important it is to not take advantage of the relationships in my life. Time is of the essence, am I right? (well not really me. I have no idea who first said that. Off topic, but wouldn’t it be cool if something you said became so big that it suddenly became a cliche? New goal.)

I don’t want to give away the movie, but if you do see it you’ll notice how Ephesians really wraps it up for us:

Get rid of all bitterness, rage, anger, harsh words, and slander, as well as all types of malicious behavior. Instead, be kind to each other, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, just as God through Christ has forgiven you.
Ephesians 4:31-32

All cheese aside, if you can get past Miley’s awful acting and focus on the second half of the story I’d recommend checking this film out. In the end, it was worth the headache.